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Marketing is an integral part of every organization globally. No matter what position you are employed, you have to paarticipate in marketing activities of the organization. Same goes with the Bank also. Banking Industry without doing Marketing is next to impossible because of the cut thoat competitions among various Indian and global Banks. Nowadays every Bank checks out your Marketing Knowledge before providing you any kind of Job. This setion covers mostly about the Bnaking Marketing strategies in India which will be usefull to pass in the SBI and IBPS Bank PO and Clerical Jobs Exams.

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What you will learn

Marketing is very important and to score high in Bank PO and Clerical Exams of SBI and IBPS, you should have proper knowledge about Bank Marketing. In this section you get to learn :

  • Marketing Concepts for Bank
  • Improve your Bank Marketing Knowledge
  • Score high in Bank Marketing aptitude tests
  • Became an exeprt in limited time
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Banking & Marketing - The Seventh-P- Physical evidence

1.       The Seventh-P- Physical evidence


Physical evidence is the strategic tool for the bank marketer. Banking products are intangible. Tangibilising the intangible commodity is a major challenge to the bank marketer. One among the important methods is the upkeep of branch premises and interior decor. This is relevant not only from the point of view of physical evidence but also for tangibilisation strategy. Another strategy is imaginative designing of bank stationery used by customers. Product packaging could be another tangibilisation strategy and marketers called it as a separate Pof marketing strategy. Packaging in banking products could take many ways for instance an attractively designed product brochure or a catchy brand name which a customer can easily understand or a pictorial design which can represent a particular product.


In the case of these seven elements, they are not of much use in isolation. But an appropriate blend is the right way for marketing effort.


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