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Marketing is an integral part of every organization globally. No matter what position you are employed, you have to paarticipate in marketing activities of the organization. Same goes with the Bank also. Banking Industry without doing Marketing is next to impossible because of the cut thoat competitions among various Indian and global Banks. Nowadays every Bank checks out your Marketing Knowledge before providing you any kind of Job. This setion covers mostly about the Bnaking Marketing strategies in India which will be usefull to pass in the SBI and IBPS Bank PO and Clerical Jobs Exams.

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What you will learn

Marketing is very important and to score high in Bank PO and Clerical Exams of SBI and IBPS, you should have proper knowledge about Bank Marketing. In this section you get to learn :

  • Marketing Concepts for Bank
  • Improve your Bank Marketing Knowledge
  • Score high in Bank Marketing aptitude tests
  • Became an exeprt in limited time
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Marketing Information System

1.       Marketing Information System


The need for a well defined institutional framework within the organization to manage the marketing efforts should be reckoned by any business concern. It is, therefore, essential that the institution constitutes a marketing wing which will take care of the marketing function of the organization. This compartment has to work smoothly with other segments of the organization. Acquiring modern marketing orientation requires support from top management, a committed task force, constant review of strategies and a consultant s help if considered necessary. The marketing wing should be adequately supported by a Marketing Information System, which is a critical element in effective marketing. The information system is the channel linking external environment with the executives of the institution.


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